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"The first post is always important", or so they say.
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On the 1st of January, year 2011. On a rainy evening, I finally decided to just go ahead and create a blog.

{01/01/11 + rainy evening = blog, get it? :)}

The button 'create a blog' on the site, has been on my mind. This blog is long overdue. So, ...yeah, here it is. I've spent about 2 months exploring the book blogging realm. I didn't even knew 'book blogging' existed, until I stumbled upon one.
This blog, is basically going to be a blog based on book related stuff,reviews, etc.
It's a great place to talk about books,{Blogs} , so I've created one, simple as that.

About the blog name "intertwining books", I may just post a small short diff. post later on. :D

These few days/ months, I'll be busy. Hopefully this blog will see drastic but positive changes soon. Currently there is a special file under my 'bookmarks' tab filled with links I think I might need to help me blog. {or 'book-blog' to be exact.}

{Say, I don't know about other blog readers, but I would usually go right to the first post that the blogger published, if I visit any other blogs I like.}

Until the next post,

[I'll try to get those signature thingy soon, bear with me a while!]


  1. Olivia said...

    Thanks for your nice comment :)

    Sorry about the GFC button, I've put one in my menu bar now if you'd like to follow me. :D

    Hope you post your first review soon, would love to read it!

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