Miss LSW

One fine day, Miss Ling Shu Wen decided that
She were to do a giveaway,
[written evidence] if she was to reach


on her blog
before departing for Aussie I can confirm that she kept her promise & is now hosting a DIVA giveaway. [DIVA products!!!] It's really enticing...

Grey Elegant Bangles
& Lots more, check out her blog!

Ling Shu Wen is awehsome,
She's very blessed,
In creativity,

The way she blogs,
It's like reading a prolouge,

Her blog posts,
Will make you engrossed,
In admiring the cool green layout,
The ads standout.

But the words are clear,
The font is simple,
And it cheers,
For the words are ample.

She blogs about,
Many checkouts,
From different countries,
Makes me want to go to the sea.

Her posts are filled with humour,
It made me laugh,
And a bit sad for her,
The lost Louboutins,

Me thinks she's close-knit,
With her family,
You should give her credit,
For photos she take.

Suddenly my eyes,
They seem to apprise,
A giveaway,
Products from Diva,
Wondered was it one's birthday?

Then realised it was for,
I gave an encore,
She could be a bragger.

She won't however,
A innocent gal,
She made me a dreamer,
To one day reach many online pals,
Also known as followers.

I admit, I didn't know,
About her blog,
It was like an expo,
So much to read,
And Enjoy .

Thank you,
For not making ur blog so colourful,
It was easy to read,
My friends agreed.

I'm sorry I'm a new follower,
Not a old & loyal one,
Loyal I can cluster,
But old, I've fallen.

I'll keep reading,
But now me eyes are pleading,
Please! We're tired,
We know you're aspired.

But rest is required,
Or we'll expire!

So, So long I say,
Just for the moment,
I'll visit the blog, aye!
For now, rest I hadn't.

[So, Miss LSW, I need to sleep, sorry I can't write more. I hope you like this. Good night

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You're awesome for reading this!